The help in Match3 profiling software for Eye-one mentions a ‘ProfileEditor’.

I looked for this editor in the program and its neighborhood, but found none. Is it a separate product? Where can I find it?

I’m using Match3 ver 3.6.2, on Win7 64bits.


It’s there. Among the 5 big circles on the first screen of i1Match is a smaller, sixth circle with a triangle on it (representing a 2D gamut). This small circle is the button to get into the profile editor. If you don’t have the license for it, it won’t let you see anything.

We have a brief mention of the features of this editor in this newsletter article:

Thanks Patrick, I found it, but the circle is grayed and not accessible. I don’t see an option for entering a license, and I don’t remember getting a license with the Eye-one/Match3. The only thing I have is the colorimeter serial number.


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[/size]On Jun 29, 2010, at 6:25 AM, stalisman wrote:

Hi mronen, I also have v3.6.2. I also have Eye-one Diagnostics. The diagnostics verify the workings of the spectrophotometer and whilst doing so displays the modules that it carries a license for. You should be able to run this and know whether you are licensed or not.

Just a thought though: on mine, once I press the 2d circle I then have to press the arrow on the bottom right of the screen in order to proceed.

For Moshe:
The Diagnostic program is a free download from X-Rite:

It not only tells you which modules you have licensed, it is also the program to use to install the license code for the editor if you decide to purchase it. The Editor is only $100 USD, but as the article explains - it is only a basic profile editor. I just mention that because if your circle is grayed out, then you probably are not licensed.

Thanks Patrick,