ProfileMaker 5 Gammut Mapping

Does anyone know the nitty gritty details of ProfileMaker’s gammut mapping options in 5.0? Specifically, I am interested in the difference between “LOGO Colorful” and “LOGO Chroma Plus” gammut mapping. Through observation, I always thought of “Chroma Plus” to be more accurate and “Colorful” to be more for poster color.

A colleague recently completed some hands on training in which she was told to always use “Colorful” and never use “Chroma Plus” or “Clasic”. Part of the focus during this course was desktop proofing. She is trying to proof grand format inkjets with a desktop inkjet using profiles created with colorful gammut mapping.

Something about this seems inherently inaccurate. Would not the profile for the proofer need to use Chroma Plus gammut mapping or am I missing something?

The differences between Color and Chroma plus gamut mappings are generally restricted to the perceptual rendering intent. With the relative colorimetric intent, you likely will see no difference between the two mappings. With Perceptual rendering, the Colorful gamut mapping option got a major enhancement a few years back (where prior it resulted in major loss of saturation in saturated blues) and is much smoother than Chroma Plus overall (Particularly in the blue areas) while maintaining the saturation that is lost with the Classic mapping option. As a result, Colorful is my default choice for ProfileMaker profiles…and the default mapping for the i1Match software.

Another perspective to add:
If black is important to you, you might want to consider Logo Chroma Plus. As I recall, (for perceptual) it tends to map the blacks closer to 0, 0, 0 than Colorful will.

After evaluating both mappings, I can’t say that I see a significant difference in the shadows…perhaps a bit more abrupt transition on shadows for Colorful, but both are hitting the same max shadow value on my end. Or am I missing something? It depends on your needs and tastes, but I still consider Chroma Plus as the more disadvantaged mapping, particularly in regards to reds and magentas, which tend towards orange and desaturated respectively.