ProfileMaker 5, help with white background printing gray

Hi everyone,

Im new to Color Management (ProfileMaker 5) and hope someone can help javascript:emoticon(’:cry:’)

Ive got the i1 Pro with UV Cut and ProfileMaker 5, Ive created a profile for my Epson R2880 and HP B1980, according to X-Rite technical support and printing via the drivers that came with the printers (no RIP) from within PhotoShop.

The problem is; even though the background of the image is white, it prints out grey. Ive used Relative Colorimetric and Perceptual rendering intents but the background still prints out gray.

Can someone please tell me what Im doing wrong? Im using genuine Epson inks and Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper.

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Hi again,

I believe I’ve cured the problem, I changed the the gamma to LOGO Chroma Plus as opposed to Classic. Not sure I’ve don the right thing but it seems to have cured it.

If anyone knows any better, your comments will be most appreciated.

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LOGO Chroma Plus will generally get you better results than Classic, and LOGO Colorful is generally preferred to Logo Chroma Plus.

For those reading this thread, Simon contacted CHROMiX off the forums and we spent some time troubleshooting his problem.

It turns out that he is on a Mac, and the color problems he was seeing were traced down to a Mac - Photoshop - Epson driver bug. Anyone who is on a Mac and is getting poor color trying to print to an Epson printer through the Epson driver can read more about this in our newsletter issue #29 from October, 2007.


Thanks again for all your help.

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I am getting the same issue and I am not on a Mac. LOGO Classic scums the white a lot in all rendering intents LOGO Chroma Plus doesn’t. Any thoughts?

I have not used Logo Classic very much.
You could also check to see that you have a recent version of ProfileMaker. As I recall a few years ago there was a short-lived version that introduced a scum dot in some setups (5.0.6 or 5.0.7?)

You can download the latest versions from X-Rite:

Mine is 5.08, so I am downloading the latest version now. Thanks for the advice.

Here is the response from X-Rite’s website

If LOGO Classic makes profiles like that, how are those profiles even useable?

In building profiles for many different papers using PM 5.08 on PC with preferences set to version 2 ICC specification, comparing profiles with the three gamut mapping options, and also comparing profiles using different viewing light source options, I saw the gray white problem one time.

The problem was with classic gamut mapping and a viewing light source of Daylight 5500K (D55). When I used the same target data, kept all settings the same, but changed the viewing light source to D50, the problem went away.

Many other D55 viewing light source profiles did not exhibit the problem, so it must be specific to the data itself?