ProfileMaker 5 Publish EyeOne Bundle

Hello everyone,

I work at [color=red]nobrainer, LLC. We’re a small marketing, design, and digital print house. We currently have an Indigo r1000 digital press. Soon, we’ll be acquiring an Indigo 3000. Our color is really off between our monitors, hard proofs, and final prints. This has caused some costly mistakes recently, so we’re looking to linearize, within reason, all of our color output.

We are looking at buying the ProfileMaker 5 Publish EyeOne Bundle as a solution. Does anyone know whether this is the appropriate choice? We understand that the color won’t match perfectly from one medium to the next, but we’re looking for the appropriate tools to bring it pretty close.

Also, does anyone know if there is a limit on how many monitors the ProfileMaker 5 Publish EyeOne Bundle will calibrate? Presently, we have 4 workstations, but this number may increase as our company grows.

I’m pretty comfortable but not 100% with color theory. I have 11 years of design, prepress, and photographic experience. Is anyone aware of the ‘ease of use’ of this package. I’m hoping that I won’t have to be the only one maintaining our color.


Robert C. Gonzales
IC Programmer

[color=red]nobrainer, LLC
8300 Cody Dr, Ste. 100
Lincoln, NE


The Profilemaker 5 Publish Eye One bundle is a nice product, but if these are your first steps into making icc profiles, it can be a rough ride without proper training. One thing that annoys me about the Eye One’s bundled with Profilemaker is that they do not contain license codes, so you can’t use Eye One Match to create display profiles. Doing this with Profilemaker+Measuretool is a pain in the …, because you have to plug in the dongle everytime, and it’s not very intuitive.
The Eye One Proof bundle is easier to operate, and will give you very similar results, albeit without the customising options of Profilemaker.

Yann Bouckaert

Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve. It is (probably) helpful that you have experience in the industry. Another thing going for you is that Xrite offers some free, personal training now with these products. That might help quite a bit.

I don’t think there is a limit to the number of monitors you can profile with ProfileMaker, as long as they are all in the same organization. If that is one of your main concerns, you might consider buying an extra i1 module so you can do your monitor profiling with i1Match instead of PM. It is a lot easier to use as Yann says. On the other hand, the PM monitor calibration offers a few more features than i1Match, as mentioned on other threads. [url]]

Maybe the best advantage of the PM package over the i1Match versions is the included profile Editor. If you want full control over how your profiles work, the PM editor is quite powerful. In most cases a profile properly made is going to look correct, and you won’t have need for editing - still I have found it useful at times.