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I work at [color=red]nobrainer, LLC. We’re a small marketing, design, and digital print house. We currently have an Indigo r1000 digital press. Soon, we’ll be acquiring an Indigo 3000. Our press is really more like a printer. There aren’t any keys or plates involved. All impressions are created by corotrons like a printer using toner. Our color is really off between our monitors, hard proofs, and final prints. This has caused some costly mistakes recently, so we’re looking to linearize, within reason, all of our color output.

We are looking at buying the ProfileMaker 5 Publish EyeOne Bundle as a solution. Does anyone know whether this is the appropriate choice? We understand that the color won’t match perfectly from one medium to the next, but we’re looking for the appropriate tools to bring it pretty close.

Also, does anyone know if there is a limit on how many monitors the ProfileMaker 5 Publish EyeOne Bundle will calibrate? Presently, we have 4 workstations, but this number may increase as our company grows.

I’m pretty comfortable but not 100% with color theory. I have 11 years of design, prepress, and photographic experience. Is anyone aware of the ‘ease of use’ of this package. I’m hoping that I won’t have to be the only one maintaining our color.


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I understand.

The ProfileMaker v5 Solution is a good one. MonacoProfiler could also be considered in the equation.

Certainly an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer with one of the above software packages would work. Depending on how many papers you need to profile and how many measurements you need to make, you might consider an automated or faster solution. An iO table (which works with an Eye-One Pro device and can be part of the original bundle or added later) or an iSis device can provide more speed if you need it.

When you buy either package above, you get a single dongle. You can load the software on as many machines as you like, but you will be limited to using the software on one machine at a time.

To be honest, neither of the packages mentioned or any othersimilarproducts at the advanced level are easy. If you’ve got plenty of time (months perhaps) you can read and experiment your way through the myriad of information. If you don’t have a lot of time, Consulting & Training would be moreeffectiveway to get up to speed.

A conversation at more depth via phone would be a better way to discuss this. Feel free to give me a call.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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