ProfileMaker and 12 colors printer Profile


I need to create a profile for my Canon IPF 9000 running with an EFI XF 4.0 Rip.
The linearization works with the colormanager without problems, but the the color manager does not work properly with 7 colors channels printers.

Therefore I need to create my profile with the multicolor selection in profilemaker.

The problem is that I have never used it, and does absolutly not know how it works, which on the other hand I know for a standard cmyk profile.

Could somebody help me in this !

thanks in advance. Jean-Marc

Are you sure you need a multi color profile? Most of the time, these printers with 6 or 7 or 12 inks should be profiled as a CMYK device (if using a RIP). The RIP will make use of the other inks under the surface. But the control over the color that the profile supplies with is sufficient with CMYK in most RIPs. It is really very rare that we come across a printer and RIP combination that works for true multi color profiling.

Here’s an older article from one of our newsletters for more information.

Well I have talking with the guys from EFI which told me that canon printer are quite specific from the driver’s poitn of view, and they recommend to do a mutli colorprofile to get accurate pantone color.

the canon driver seems not to use properly the RGB colors of the printer, and all my pantone prints are wrong.

So they told me to make a profile using CMYKRGB. But apart that they could or didn’t want to tell me more !

Creating a 7-channel profile is not difficult as long as the RIP has adequate ink limiting controls for all 7 channels.

I am not familiar with the EFI RIP - so, I cannot give you any RIP advice.

When I create my CMYKRGB profiles using ProfileMaker, I leave my profiler’s total ink at 700% and let the RIP control ink limiting. I get terrific results with my particular RIP & profiler combination.

So, without knowing the ink limiting control capabilities of the EFI RIP, there isn’t much more advice I can offer you at this point.

Well the EFI XF 4 version makes a great 7 channel linearization using RGB colors. Until that point I don’t have any problem.

I just don’t know in Profilemaker how to use the muticolor. So if you know this point I should be ok with the linearisation !

Thanks in advance for your help.


As far as the setting for the ProfileMaker Multi-Color:

Use the Conventional MultiColor ode and choose CMYKRedGreenBlue.

I recommend you set your K to start at 20.

Keep your Black Width at 100.

I cannot give you any advice regarding profile total ink limit since I am unfamiliar with the EFI RIP ink limiting controls.

In my particular setup, I use the RIP to take care of all the ink limiting - and therefor set my profile total ink limit to 700.

Thanks christopher,

I guess I found where my problem is, the only refernce file I have are CMYK-RG or CMYK-RB or Hexa !
I could not find anything else.
Is there any chance you can send me theses reference files ?
I would apreciate a lot !

Thansk in advance Jean-Marc

Your ability to make a CMYKRGB profile will depend on whether your ProfileMaker dongle is licensed for CMYK+3.

You will know if your ProfileMaker has the capability if you are able to create and save a CMYKRGB test chart using MeasureTool.

Use MeasureTool to configure and create your 7-color test chart.

Again thanks a lot christopher !

I’ll study that this week end !

Do you have any suggestion on how many patches are necessary to generate to get accurate rsults with 7 colors ?

I use a 2904 patch test chart.