ProfileMaker Chroma Colorful and Asian skin color

No really this is not a joke, just wondering if anyone has seen this before:

I created profiles for Agfa D-Lab2 and Durst Theta with ProfileMaker.

For testing purposes when using ProfileMaker, I always initially create different profile versions for each gammut mapping method that can be incorporated in perceptual rendering intent (Chroma Colorful/ProfileMaker 5 algorithm, Chroma Plus/ProfileMaker 4 algorithm and Chroma Classic/ProfileMaker 3 algorithm).

The versions created with Colorful for both printers show a slight magenta cast in Asian skin color when using perceptual. This is very obvious when using the Getty test image and focussing on the Asian lady in the middle. Relative colorimetric intent doesn’t show this cast.

Anyone seen this before?


Yes, IMO PMP puts too much magenta into the skin tones with all of their perceptual rendering methods. Chroma is the worst and adds unwanted contrast as well. I hear photolabs complaining the most about unnatural, pink skin tones. MonacoProfiler’s profiling technology is the best kept secret particularly for photolabs. With MP profiles you’ll see better skin tones, better and cleaner shadow detail and cleaner solid primary and secondary colors. MPs Perceptual rending is fantastic and you see a better match across a variety of print devices (especially photo paper printers).

Scott Martin

Thanks for confirming this Scott !

I do share your preference for MP. It’s just that the lab in question already had profiles created with PM.