Profiler 4.7 and iCColor Spectro

Anyone have experience using the iCColor with Profiler? I’ve heard there’s a some sort of work-around to use it but haven’t turned up any specifics.

And related - experience with the Xrite DTP70? How does it compare to the iCColor in terms of accuracy?

Thanks for any info-

The work around is to use Gretag MeasureTool with the ICColor to measure the data, then import it into Profiler. It has to be Lab data, not spectral. This will work for data IT87/3, 7/4 and ECI formats, but if you want to use Profiler’s proprietary targets or linearization charts, it gets a little tricky. You have to create a reference file for the chart (which is a little more work than I care to do). I’ve talked to both Gretag and X-rite representatives and each says the other is the reason the ICColor isn’t supported. :frowning:

I haven’t used the DTP70 (unfortunately), but I hear good things about it. I’m sure its quite accurate in terms of repeatability, ect, but I couldn’t tell you how close those measurements would be to the ICColor or other Gretag instruments. Based on our other X-rite vs Gretag Spectros, it probably woudn’t be to much more than 1 delta E away. Good question though…if for example DTR004 data is read with a Gretag instrument, but you own an X-rite instrument. You can measure a print/proof and compare it to DTR004 and get delta E values that may be different from someone measuring with a Gretag instrument.

Thanks Michael.