Profiles are not showing up in Photoshop or the system

I am creating ColorCAST calculated profiles…though the result seems to be fine in Color Think…The profiles are not being loaded or referenced by the system…even after i click on the install button and reload photoshop or other applications…Is there an issue with the profile resolution? or some other setting that may be preventing the loading of the profile?

To be specific, I just discovered that when i select install profile…it sometimes shows the error message “Invalid profile…profile cannot be loaded” I have rerun the same color cast profile several times…with several crashes in between and think that after creating a profile, closing the app and reopening…and then loading the new profile back into ColorThink…and finally clicking on install seems to have worked…it seems like the application may become unstable after creation of a color cast profile and then behaves unexpectedly…but that’s only a feeling…perhaps something to do with the fact that the path to the profile is being moved and the application is referencing the wrong file location…but after this series of tests…I am seeing some of the profiles accessible in Photoshop.



Hi Peter,
I’m not sure what’s going on. ColorCast will make normal device profiles, that should be easily installed on any system. Are you doing anything unusual? Multi-channel profiles? Are you trying to create a monitor profile with ColorCast?

If you want to send me your profile in an email I can take a look at it here.