Profiles for textile sublimation printer

good morning

I’m trying to do some profiles for textile sublimation Profile Maker 5, printer is Mimaki DS1600 with a RIP RasterLink pro II

I tried several options that have the color management module RIP profiles by several options, but when I print the test to see if the profile is well the results are not expected.

RIP anyone know this or have a suggestion of the options that I can handle?

Dibujo.bmp - 2.3 MB

The image shows the only part where the RIP color management, resolution is 720 * 720dpi and 4 passes


PDTA. expect that it is not confusing :confused:

In your screenshot image, you have a DS1600 STRECH profile listed in the CMYK section under “Input profile”. If this is your printer profile, then it should not be put in this place as an input profile. I don’t know what your other options are under the drop down box, but you should probably choose a standard CMYK space like GRACoL 2006. I think the Manual for this software suggests “WideMimikiCMYK” as a recommended Input profile in this space.

Instead, you would place your DS1600 printer profile somewhere else that accepts or is looking for an “output” or “printer” or “device” profile.

I hope this helps!