Profiling a finalProof


we’ve just bought an Eye-One pro in the hopes of profiling our Epson 2200 and our provider’s FinalProof so we could match the two and have less mismatch between what we see here and what they give us.

I’ve made the profiles for the epson using the RGB advanced target for our epson, both on matte and premium luster paper. I’ve sent the CMYK advanced target to our provider (with the FinalProof) and told them to print them as is without any convertion other than the one on the machine itself. (e.i. no colormanagement in Photoshop or anything like that). I then received the proof and made the profile.

Now my question is: what should I do in my application as to my document output CMYK profile? In ID, I can embed the color profile. Before, we always assumed the SWOP Web Coated v2 for separation. All images were sent in Adobe RGB and seperated by ID at the provider.

Now my thinking is that if we profiled the FinalProof, then I should put ITS profile as my Document CMYK profile, then print whit the proof option an set my printer to my Epson 2200. Is this OK?

Also, what should my provider do then on his end if I want them to match our proof? Should they still use the SWOP web coated v2 as before or should they now use the FinalProof profile we created?

The guy working for the provider (who’s a friend of mine) told me that if I embedded the profile for the finalproof in the document he couldn’t garantee the output of the job and wasn’t responsible for the seperation if he used our profile. He also said that most of the profile done had to be tweeked and since I don’t have ProfileMaker, how should I go about all this. Our goal is to match the Epson to their FinalProof so we can save money and time on making proofs.