Profiling Canvas on Epson 7800 w/out RIP

Hi Guys.

Bear with me here. I’m told the best way to get decent colour from this device without a RIP is to turn CM off in the Printer Driver and make a nice RGB profile which I’ll use to print straight fom the application.

My question is how exactly do I go about this? Surely I need to set ink limits and linearise before I produce patches suitable for profiling right? How do I go about this?


The ink limiting and linearization that would otherwise be handled in the RIP is taken care of when you choose a media type in the driver. You can think of these paper settings as sort of “canned linearization / ink limiting”. If your 7800 driver has a paper type setting for canvas, you can start there.

But to get the best results possible, it often pays to experiment a bit. Try various media type settings: Glossy Film, Enhanced Heavyweight Matte, we have found good results with the setting “backlit film”. The idea is to print out your profiling target (preferably a “visual” target) several times, on different settings and look to see which setting gives you the most ink on the page in a somewhat linear fashion - without being so much that the ink puddles up or bleeds.

Nice. That’s what I needed to know.

Ink limiting and linearization is all done in either a rip, or in epson’s printer driver software. I understand that epson has some of this functionality in their drivers and software. Obviously you will need a color measuring device that does reflective measurements such as the eye one.
You are on your own here, as I use a rip, Ergosoft Texprint 2008. You may want to request a demo copy of studioprint 2008, the prosumer version of their software. It is from what I understand, much cheaper than onyx production house, and after training on both, can personally say that ergosoft’s solution is much easier to profile in. From what I have heard, from various production houses that I am affiliated with, Ergosoft ColorGPS was the easiest to use and generated more accurate profiles than Monaco Profilemaker. Of course profilemaker has its advantages in flexibility, however the swiss have done some pretty neat things with colorgps.

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