Profiling Eizo CG19 w/ ColorEyes Display Pro

I am having a very difficult time trying to profile my Eizo CG19. I am using ColorEyes Display Pro with a Color Eyes(x-rite) calibration puck. Here is my problem. When I run the profile I can watch my monitor get worse and worse until the process is finished at which time my monitor is completely whacked. Every thing looks heavily solarized. I can’t figure out what is happening, what I am doing wrong. Has anybody experienced a similar problem.

what you should try first is manually reseting your monitor to it’s defaults. Then make a profile in max luminance. Check the final luminance under current profile and then review the luminance tracking function for luminance trends. If you can, send me screen captures of those to [jack - at -]

Dean’s problem was finally solved with a small change in his Mac’s system preferences. To fix this, go to:
System Preferences > Universal Access.
In the Display area, change the “Enhance Contrast” slider so that it is ALL the way to the left (at “Normal”).

If this slider is moved partially up, to the right, it will cause some profiling packages to get strange results. In Dean’s case he saw extreme solarization in the highlight areas (with the slider at one tick to the right.)

Move this slider back to Normal, profile again, and the profile will come out just fine. Thank-You Bob Burnett and Jack Bingham for getting us the answers!