Profiling Issues in Onyx Production House 7.2

Hi All,

I am Jimmy here and have tried creating a monochrome profile in Onyx Production House 7.2 for 100 micron clear film. Also I have got a Eye One pro UV cut spectro-densitometer for the profiling purpose.

  1. Here can anyone please explain what sort of densitometer should be used here. Is it a Transmissive or Reflective densitometer as I have got a Reflective one? Also what sort of variations are expected?
  2. Also after creating the HT profiles at 1440x720 dpi, I am getting a gradations of tones in mid 30’s with dots in that region and which is not appreciable. Please let me know what could be the mistake or what can be done to avoid this tonal gradation as I want only dots in that region.

Any suggesstions are truely appreciated to improve the profiling process.

Warm Regards

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