Profiling laptop, color is spot on, brightness is off

I have the Optix XR and a Dell Inspiron 9200. So far I have gotten great results. But I cannot seem to get the brightness right. The prints come back slightly darker than what I see on screen. I have been told by some to adjust the contrast under the desktop properties to add more…some say leave it alone. Has anyone had this problem?

This is likely a function of the lighting used to light your prints.

Are you using a controlled, standard light source?

Preview your prints in a light booth or other controlled, standard lighting situation and you’re likely to find that the prints are much closer to the brightness you expect.

Also, the paper plays a major part in the perceived brightness of the print. Ensure that the paper’s white under controlled, standard lighting is the bright, neutral white you expect to see in your highlights. Remember that you cannot print a whiter white than your paper!