Profiling monitors when not the administrator

Is there a way to allow non-administrative users the ability to create and enable monitor profiles on a PC (Window XP Pro)? Even if read/write privileges are granted, the profile cannot be added/activated unless the user is logged in as the administrator. Is there a work around?

I think I’m right in saying that each user on a multi-user Windows system has their personal settings loaded from their individual startup file. So just pop a shortcut call to the profile loader into these startup files.

You’ll find the user startups as sub-directories off - Documents and Settings.

Of course this will load the same profile for everyone unless you create multiple copies of the profile loader along with different profiles in different folders and point the shortcuts at the appropriate folder.

Wow, blast from the past! You couldn’t wait 11 more days to hit the 1 year anniversary? :wink:

Actually, my issue arises from i1Match not being able to create a profile at all unless logged in as administrator, which made it difficult for those without priviledges to create a profile in the first place, even with read/write priviledges. Our IT guy finally figured it out, though as for an explanation to me, it was simply stated that it was an IT thing.