Profiling press: What are the steps?

Is there anyone who could give any suggestions on the steps it would take to profile a press? Any points and or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. :smiley:


Well, that’s a pretty big topic, which might be why it’s taking a while for someone to attempt an answer for you. ‘:D’

First of all, you want your press to be in good working order, in control and stable. A great place to start is by looking into the G7 process. It’s a great way to calibrate your press before making a profile.

Our Press Profiling Kit has instructions for how to print up a profiling target on a press, and all the procedures surrounding that. You can download it here:

There is no easy answer for this. Read some books and then work at getting the press operator on your side. If you sell them on the need for quality and consistancy, you will get great results. If this is your first attempt you may want to hire a Color Consultant and shadow them through the process.