Profiling Problem

About two weeks ago, we had a job on press that we couldn’t match to our client supplied proof. Initially, we decided to make a proof of the supplied PDF the client gave to us, to see where we were at. Here is the problem: Our proof (a Fuji) had a yellow dot in the background, and our client supplied (Fuji) proof and PDF files did not have yellow in the background at all. For some reason our profile is adding “color” that is not even in the file. The color standard that we are going to with our profile is “Gracol”, and so is our client. ( So of course it was assumed that these files should have just fell in on press). Is anyone else having the same issue with there profiles adding color where there is no color to begin with in the files? Could this possibly be a setting issue in our Fuji rip? Or, is this a common issue that can come up using a Fuji device?

Ralph. :confused:

Is there an embedded spot colour in the file?

If so your RIP could be doing a spot replacement, putting yellow in place of the original colour.

Turn your colour table off in your RIP and reprocess - the yellow may disappear.

Have you check that you are not using Absolute colorimetric?