Profiling Problems

Hi friend, I am trying to profile my Epson 4000 using Epson Premium Semi Matte and am having trouble. I am using an Eye-1 along with Profilemaker 4.1. With no ink reduction, ink is running off the paper. I see that the canned environment has Channel Ink Reduction set at 60, 60, 45, 80. So I tried those settings when printing my target with my linearization in place and CM off. But the result is washed out colors. How does Colorburst create a profile with those ink channel reductions and get good color? How do they determine those figures anyway? The ink limiting target is mentioned in the Total Ink Limit section of the manual. It doesnt appear to be intended for use with Channel Ink Reduction. Should I do my linearization with those Channel Ink Limits in place first? Any suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks.