Proofer driver question

I’m upgrading to OS X.4.11 print driver on the Mac from OS 9 thru Classic driver. I have an HP2500CP printer loaded with Newsprint roll to proof photos for newsprint. I use ProfileMaker and Spectroscan.

Does anyone know how to set up the driver? In the print dialogue box in Photoshop “Print” and “Options” settings need selections. I figure I have two options. One is to convert the file to printer icc and then proof with color management off or two is to handle the profile somewhere in the print dialogue box like I did in OS9 under Classic.

Today I’ll create a profile by printing the test chart EI2000V.tif cq. in Photoshop with the color management off. The printer is set to SWOP as default since Native warns of damage to the print heads. Printer is capable of 600x600 resolution on Best quality and for heavy coated stock setting.

I’m currently using a press profile I’ve built for our presses that works and now I’m trying to build a proof profile and workflow for the proofer using ProfileMaker.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks,

I talked to my guru and found out a couple of things. One is to have the printer in the Native space and two to select Let Photoshop determine color and select HP print profile I build in ProfileMaker. More more thing is to have the Relative rendering intent selected to best translate white point on newsprint substrate.