Proofing with Onyx - Pre-Flight -Soft Proof

I have an Epson 11880, eye-one, productionhouse7.2.

Made a profile with gretag eye-one through eye one match.
The profile came out great. I use it for printing through photoshop.
Small projects which I don’t need to use production house for.

Now I would like to use this profile with production house.
To keep the same coloring as my small projects.
The gamut with the production house profile is larger than the one made with eyeone match.

Now when I go into Pre-flight and do my proof I pick my old profile, use the absolute rendering intent for my proof.

For the image I have used all of the intents, and my print is completely different. I have even used the relative intent for my proof. and Still nothing is coming out as it should.

I have check the gamuts and it’s for sure larger than my old one.
So my question is,
How would I proof my old profile with production house, and am I doing any of the steps wrong?
I’ve tired everything.

Also with Pre-Flight, The prints are not coming out looking like they would in the pre-flight window. The monitor is calibrated. Is this just for viewing and not complete color correction.
With photo-shop my soft proof is VERY close to what I print. Pre-Flight is very off!


Are you able to confirm that your production house profile is accurate? If your i1Match profile is accurate and your production house profile is accurate, then you can do the conversion in Photoshop and see if that gets you better results:
Convert your image to the i1Match profile in Photoshop, then run the image through Production House using its profile (not proofing with the i1Match profile). This bypasses your RIP’s proofing function.

Another twist on this would be to convert to the i1Match profile, then convert to the production house profile, then process through the RIP with no profiles (color management off) - and that will bypass your RIP’s profile conversion engine completely. If this comes out looking okay, you know there’s something wrong in the way the RIP is set up or how it’s using profiles - but you know your profiles are okay.