Question on BasicColor 4 software

I’m using the BasicColor 4 software for profile my monitor, but I don’t know if the setting that I use are correct.
Those are:

Display type: CRT ( I own a LaCie electronblue III)
Calibration Method: Software calibration(video LUT)
Calibration Setings : ISO 3664 ISO 12646 ???
Profiling Setting: LUT-based accurate
Colour Temperature: D65
Tonal reponse curve: L* (what this means. At the end the info show me that it will not achieved…???)
Luminance /constrac ratio: This is the most confuse part for me:
I chose White and black luminance:
I set white luminance to 85 cd/m2(it work oK for me with Eye One Display 2, with Basicc the monitor look too dark) and Black to minimum, but I don’t now if this correct
Profile type: 16-bit LUT based
Chomatic Adaptation: I don’t what that means and I chose CAT02 (from CIECAM02).
ICC v4 profile.
I should be very gratefull if someone could help me
Thanks in advance

Anyone using this, I too have heard some good things about them & it seems their software is having more features like white/black luminance control with gives you cleaner neutrals.
Any info or a review about it?