radio button bugs in grapher control panel of colorthink pro

I run OS X 10.4.9, powerbook g4. I bought pro 3 a few days ago and have used only grapher. Graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon 9700.

I have used only the grapher module so far. I noticed that the module comes up with a blacken radio button for 3D, but the display is 2D. To make the display 3D I have to click on the 3D button.

Other buttons also require 2 clicks. To make the plot spin, I have to click the Constant radio button. A black spot appears in the button, but plot remains stationary. Next I click the same button again, and the plot begins. Similarly for the Inertia button. If I click it, it goes black. I grab the volume but it does not move. Click the blacken Inertia button again. Then I can rotate the volume. Similarly the slicer button needs two clicks.

I would say the buttons for the control panel are not programmed correctly. It is hardly intuitive that you should click a radio button that indicates that it is active a second time to really activate it.

This issue of some buttons needing to be pushed twice has been resolved in the new beta (Version 3.0.1 beta14):

With this beta, we believe we have wrapped up all the outstanding issues concerning the grapher. If you or anyone finds any more issues, please let us know. Remember, also, that it is usually easier and faster to get a response from us on specific bug questions by using the “Web->Feature Requests/Bug Reports” menu item right inside ColorThink Pro.