Reading i1pro 2 mxf files

I use the Xrite i1Pro 2 to do my profiling. Currently I am using ColorThink 2.3 to evaluate profiles, but I am not able to read the meassurement data .mxf files from the spectro - not even after removing the SPECTRA_ in the header.
Should I expect the CT 2.3 to read these files, or do I have to upgrade to CTP 3.0.3 ?

While neither ColorThink will read in the .mxf files directly, later versions of i1Profiler have offered other alternates to the .mxf file for saving out your measurements. They have “ProfileMaker” options which are supposed to emulate the kinds of CGATS formatting that was done in ProfileMaker and MeasureTool which ColorThink is very familiar with. So, in a perfect world, I would just tell you to save out as a ProfileMaker type file and you can bring it into ColorThink just fine.

But it’s a little more complicated than that. These Profilemaker files text files saved out of i1Profiler work fine in ColorThink Pro (CTP3.0.3), but for some reason they don’t work in CT 2.3. The work around for this is rather interesting:

You can save the file out of i1Profiler as a ProfileMaker CGATS text file,
Open it up in MeasureTool,
Then just save it right back out again,
And then it can be brought into ColorThink 2.3 .

My guess is that something about the way i1Profiler tries to emulate the PM type file format is not quite right, since it does not work like the real thing.

If you want the work around and you don’t have MeasureTool, you can get it as a free download from X-Rite: … wareID=931

We do want to upgrade ColorThink 2 to handle these other file types, but just have not gotten to it yet.

Thanks Pat
I was not clear in my question - I did use the .txt files from I1Profiler (although not the Profilemaker flavour). The work around did the trick.

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