Red channel drift with Colormunki Design on Dell 2311H

EDIT: I realised that the problem was resolved by replacing the USB cable (weird!)

Thanks to all that helped on this issue.

It certainly is unusual to get a high dE reading in the reds only. And it’s not even as if it’s going off in one direction; your #10 red is way lighter than your aim, and your #12 red is too dark. These verification reports are better described as being “consistency” reports because that’s what they are really telling you. Is this inconsistency happening each time you profile? It sounds like it is - and that is certainly a reason to doubt the reliability of that instrument.

When I tested it, I was not as impressed with the ColorMunki’s emissive measurements as I was with the reflective measurements. So you might try measuring a paper target several times over a few days and see if the inconsistency shows up in the reflective readings too. If it seems okay, you can continue to use the spectro for printer profiles, and look for a new option for monitors.

The i1 Display Pro is a very nice instrument. If you’re concerned about cost, the ColorMunki Display is the same instrument, but measures more slowly. So if you’re not in a hurry… … olid=50156