Remove pending profile job from history

I have some pending profile jobs in my profile history that I will not use (I reprinted the targets with a different name). So now they’re stuck in there with a status of Processing. There are some instructrions somewhere (I think in the Wiki) on how to remove these. Does anyone know where they are?


Just to clarify, are these ‘pending profile jobs’ in ColorValet Pro client? In Maxwell? or in your system?

Rick Hatmaker

Hi Rick,

The jobs are in ColorShuttle (3.1b3 build 269), which is on my Mac, on the page for the printer that’s bonded to Maxwell. I got ColorShuttle when I signed up for ColorValet Pro.

Here’s a screen shot:

Right you are!
The instructions are here:

Right now, the way to delete your pending profile history is to delete the files in Maxwell. Then, the next time ColorShuttle talks to Maxwell, the history is updated. But you make a good point… it would be easier to have a way to do it in ColorShuttle directly, wouldn’t it? Hmmm… we’ll have to look into that.

By the way, the best place to find wiki pages on Maxwell and ColorShuttle is in the “Color Management” category. You can quickly link to just about all the relevant pages from there.

Thanks for the link Pat. But I must admit that as a first time user I couldn’t figure out how to get to the screens those instructions were talking about. They didn’t match anything I’d seen before.

Then for some reason I clicked on the Maxwell logo in ColorShuttle (it was NOT intuitive - the mouse pointer didn’t change to a hand), which opened Safari and the Maxwell login:
Then once I logged in I saw what the Wiki docs were explaining and I was able to delete the unwanted jobs.

The docs seem to skip the step of logging in to Maxwell’s web interface. It was reminiscent of the initial install. Then too I sort of stumbled onto having to login to Maxwell in order to create an account (or just login, I can’t remember now) before I could activate a printer. This because ColorShuttle opened for the first time at the Getting Started page, skipping the Maxwell setup.

Anyway… everything seems to be working fine now. The unwanted jobs are gone, and from what I’ve seen so far the profiles are working great!

Thanks Pat.

Now, that’s the kind of feedback we like to see from beta testers.
Yes. This is exactly what we need to hear. Something was confusing to you and the documentation needed better explanation. We can fix these things. This is great feedback, thanks.

One note about the Maxwell login:
There are enough steps to tell you about in getting this done that we thought we could make it easy for you and not bother you with signing into Maxwell until you actually click on a button to activate a printer. At that point, you won’t be able to get very far without a login screen coming up. It’s not that you were supposed to do it somewhere else, we just make it available for you to log in here. I think that’s the way it works. If you get something different, let me know.