Removing single or multiple items in a color worksheet

Sometimes I need to remove one or more “lines” from a color list in a color worksheet. For instance when I want to discard one or more measurements in a dE calculation. It seems that it is not possible to remove individual items from a color list. Did I miss something or is this functionality indeed not available?

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You’re not missing something. ColorThink Pro allows you to sample colors in an image and add those samples to a color list. You can then save out that list in a text file or create a new image from it. But once you sample with the eye dropper, the user interface offers no way to “unsample” or remove the selection from the list. One option is you can save the color list and edit the text file separately. Then bring it back into ColorThink again. Sometimes that’s a good step so that your color list reflects the name you have given to it (something more informative than “”).

Sounds like a good feature to add in the future though!

Thank you Patrick for your reply. In addition to being able to remove/unsample a color from a color worksheet, it would also be convenient to be able to add a sample “by hand”. Simply allow to type in the color values of a new sample in a color list.

Now I need to edit, outside ColorThink, a CGATS file with color values and then re-import it in ColorThink.