Renaming Profile Disables It?

If I rename (ColorThink 2.2) one of my Epson 3880 supplied profiles, then no other programs can “see” or use that profile. There is no such problem if I rename a MOAB, Red River or Hahnemhle profile.

Is there something I’m missing?

After more experimentation, I think the problem had more to do with where Epson stores their profiles and then accesses them, then it had to do with ColorThink.

When I moved all the Epson supplied profiles into ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles and then deleted them from Epson’s default location (/Library/Printers/EPSON/InkjetPrinter/ICCProfiles/Pro3880.profiles/Contents/Resources/), I could rename them and everything seems to be working fine.

There is an amazing variety of places where profiles are stored on a Mac system. Just for the benefit of all, here is an overview:

  • HD > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Color > Profiles (Here is where Adobe stores most of its profiles that come with their products.)
  • HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles (This is where the operating system stores profiles. You’ll usually find your monitor profile in this list.)
  • HD > System > Library > ColorSync > Profiles (There are just a handful of basic generic profiles here. These are intended to be available for all users of this computer.)
  • HD > Users > “username” > Library > ColorSync > Profiles (These are the “user’s” profiles. These are only available to this particular user.)

But as you have seen, different manufacturer’s will come up with their own favorite places to put their profiles in addition to these.

BTW, this is part of the reason we came up with the Profile Manager in ColorThink. It locates the profiles in the above locations. The Profile Manager allows you to view almost all the profiles on your computer in one place, temporarily disable them so they won’t be so confusing, make your own smaller sets of profiles, and allow other groupings. This feature is lost on the Windows users. They’ve got all their profiles in one folder already!

Thank you. Not a tech savvy as I am find your information useful.

Regards and God bless,