renaming profiles in ColorThink

Hi all,
My second post in this forum. It is a really good place to learn about color management and I spent plenty, but not enough time reading knowledgeable post in here. Thanks for that!
I do a little bit of printing on my Epson 4880 and I am keen on improving it.

I did couple of profiles using ColorMunki and tried to rename the profiles in ColorThink later on.
I did rename the internal name as well as the file name. I tried to use them later on, but Photoshop and Qimage sees them as corrupted profiles.
Can I sort this out?

Thanks in advance.

Go ahead and send me some examples of profiles that are corrupted in Photoshop, and the steps that you took, and I’ll try to duplicate it here.

Thanks Patrick,
How to send the profiles to you?
I will send them via your tech email.

Thanks in advance

You have not mentioned it, but I’m guessing that you have ColorThink 2. Your profiles are made according to ICC spec version 4, and ColorThink 2 has problems displaying names for version 4 profiles. I can’t remember if the ColorMunki has this option, but you could see if you have the option of making version 2 profiles instead. That would solve the problem.

Also, our ColorThink Pro software has no problem renaming version 4 profiles.

Until we come out with an update to ColorThink 2 that will handle this issue correctly, I will offer to anybody out there that I will rename any problem profiles you have. Just send them to me and I’ll change the names as you want them.

Thanks Patrick,

You are right.


Here it is:
We have a bug fix release for ColorThink 2 that should fix these pesky issues.
Version 2.3.1 is the latest version for Mac, and version 2.3.2 is the version for Windows.