Rendering Intent in PSD file

I’m trying to work out how I can set the rendering intent in a PSD or TIF file. I want to be able to print with ColorBurst, and have it use the intent from the file. My assumption is that PS will use relcol but I can’t find how to change it on a file by file basis.

Both ColorBurst and Overdrive have options to use embedded profiles which say that they will use the rendering intent of the input file.

it works pretty simple for me.

PS just writes in the pdf whatever you said under color settings in photoshop.

advanced dialog you have the conversion options… engine and intet. put perc or rel there

go to save as… use pdf. and set no conversion … and include profile… and bingo…

attn: you wont see a rendering intend in the pdf for the pdf!.. (or it says absolut) but you have to preflight the images!!.. they have the intends embedded… colorburst will get that…

Thanks for that. I’m aware of the advanced color settings option but was hoping for something simpler around file save time. Does the save as PDF lose any image quality if I use the high quality photo option?

Both CB and Overdrive have a use embedded profile option, I’m now wondering exactly what that means. It does mention rendering intent. I’ll post a question on the CB forum.

well actually its pretty easy as you only set up everything once and PS will keep that (unless you need different settings for each).

when you save the pdf just make sure compression is off… no downsempling… and you dont loose anything…

if you only print a PS picutre i would always use tif.

in any RIP you can pre select a colorprofile for CMYK and RGB… and…

as a standard… but you can also click use embedded… which will be the right thing for printing fineArt.

if you want to proof f.e. you can always override the embedded and take everything as fogra39… so you will see mistakes

Thanks again. I just love this forum, not a lot of action but great info when you need it.

welcome… i luv your 39MP Digital - Tumba_0159

Thanks, it’s a favourite of mine too. I just got a response from the CB forum:

[b]The message will be changed in the future, it is not as clear as it should be.

With the checkbox checked and the file has an embedded profile the rendering intent on the screen will be used (If you have an RGB file with an embedded profile, the embedded profile will be used and you select the rendering intent)[/b]

That means I can leave my Prophoto profile imbedded in the image and select rendering intent at print time. That’s perfect for me. I use perceptual most often with the occasional change to relcol.