Rendering intent

I have used i1Profiler to create a profile for my Benq projector and now I want to use CTPro to compare the rendered output for the projector to the image using the DeltaE function.
It looks fine, but I have my doubts about which rendering intent I should use to get the correct comparison.
When building the profile I chose perceptual, so my guess is that that is what I should use, but is that correct ?
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For usual RGB devices only matrix profiles are used.
Perceptual is the most logical choice. :wink:

(your question does not belong here - it is not about ColorThink software)

Thanks MD
Btw you might want to read the question again. I do actually refer to Color Think Pro :O)
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A Monitor profile is limited to colorimetric rendering intent, and given the way Photoshop works these days, you will really only see the rel col. rendering intent. You may be able to change RI in an interface, but you might notice that nothing changes.

Thank you, Pat