I’m working on an artistic painting application and I’m trying to offer mixing in the RYB color space for the users.

Everything concerning color in my program is using RYB values. I implemented the conversion RYB to RGB which was introduced by Gossett and Chen in their paper “Paint Inspired Color Mixing and Compositing for Visualization”. I also accomplished to figure out a good method to mix colors in RYB.

In order to integrate additional functionallity, i need to have a RGB to RYB conversion. If anybody knows how to do this, or would know how to inverse the RYB2RGB conversion, let me know. I appreciate every hint.


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do you have a copy of that paper you can send me? (direct to upton (at)



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It looks like this is a supplement to the paper referenced.

You could probably model it in CMYK (Subtractive) with hues of Cyan and Magenta shifted.

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