RGB working spaces

It seems over time that our photographic printer gamuts have now exceeded most of the available working spaces. For years I’ve been using BetaGRB, quite happily, there are others of similar size. Now my printers can print more colors than those spaces, and there are colors in the real world being captured as well, that we’d probably like to see in print. ProPhotoRGB seems to be everyone’s default these days, but it seems a crude overkill for what we really need, has it’s own set of potential problems, and it’s less than ideal coming down from it to a printer gamut. I ran across Wide Gamut RGB while googling around about this, but it seems less than ideal for these purposes as well…
Anything else availble? Am I making too much of an issue of this??? Just use PhotoPhoto like every other good boy??? Hmmmm???
Where’s Lindbloom when we need him??

Don’t worry about ol Mr Lindbloom… What, or more corrrectly, who you need is the fabulous Mr Joseph Holmes and his incredible RGB Master Spaces and Chroma Variant sets!!

His DCam profiles are EXACTLY what I think you have been searching for this whole time. And the Chroma Variants are pure genius IMHO. Well, so is Mr Holmes himself, for that matter!

Have a look at his extremely detailed explanations of what his RGB Master Spaces and Chroma Variant sets actually are and how/what they’re used for and I know you will want to start using them immediately. They are the perfect answer to the dilemas you mentioned regarding ProPhoto. Have a look here: for further reading and explanations of just what his profiles are capable of and I’m guessing you’ll be just as impressed with his ideas as I and many others are.

Let me know what you think once you’ve had a chance to read and digest his detailed info on these works of pure genius.

actually I’m very aware of Joe’s work and used the old Ektaspace before I switched to BetaRGB. Lindbloom’s work and provided info here- … eInfo.html
can’t be undervalued, nor can such info be found elsewhere.
I’m very interested in the new DCam spaces and would like to try them, but I need to see gamut’s plotted against the newer inksets and materials, or be able to make those evaluations myself, before any purchase.
Thanks for your reply…

EktaSpace is NOTHING AT ALL like any of his RGB Master Spaces and Chroma Variants(!!).

Did you read and understand ALL of the links on the profile page on Joseph’s site? Specifically, you need to read and understand everything on this page: as it explains and answers EVERYTHING you are asking about. There are gamut plots too, so I’m guessing (but really, I know) you didn’t click on all of the links on Joseph’s Profile page.

Seriously, read and take it all in, ask any questions you may have after trying to understand just exactly what the DCam spaces are doing and if you’re still interested in them, I’d be happy to go halves with you to purchase some of his Spaces.

I’ve been wanting to buy them for at least 4 or more years now, but just couldn’t justify the outlay on my own, but if we combine our needs and wants, perhaps if you know anyone else who’d be interested, maybe we can all throw in to purchase some of these amazing inventions of Joseph’s.

PM me if you’re interested. Hope to hear from you soon (with good news :wink:

P.S. And get reading! There’s a decent bit of obtuse info to take in and try to understand. And DON"T forget to look at all of the gamut plots. I know there are about a thousand of them but almost every one of them is specific to our (printing) needs.

have a nice weekend

If it helps any, Mr. Holmes seems to be using ColorThink 2 to create the 2D gamut illustrations. You can duplicate his view pretty easily in CT2 or Pro, and compare his gamut overview with any that you bring into your own version of ColorThink. It’s still only a 2D comparison, but considering that we’re talking about working spaces, which are pretty consistent, you can get a good idea of what they cover.

thanks Pat, yes I do use Colorthink Pro 3 regularly for this work, though i1Publish’s CMYKOG profiles and Colorthink still don’t play nice together. Last time I saw Steve give a talk a few years back he spoke about the problems with huge spaces like ProPhtoto, which has become somewhat a norm…
Given Joe’s spaces don’t even quite contain the Epson K3 gamut, I think this is an issue that deserves more attention, my Epson HDR CMYKOG gamuts are much larger still. There was photogamut, which was an interesting approach for those of us primarily concerned with printing, but again it’s size was too small.