Runtime Error for Color Think Pro

I run the CTPro on WINXP Pro (sp2) machine. At the beginning, CTPro is OK, after I installed the Coloreyes Display and run the CTPro again, the program just hang and show the following message:-

“Runtime Error 4. Failed Assertion
Press OK To Continue, Press Cancel to Quit
Please Report what caused this error along with the information below:
Failure Condition:0”

I remove the CTPro and reinstall, the problem still occur. I remove the CED and run the CTPro, the problem dosen’t go away. Is there any solution for the above situation?


Hi Ricky,

I am using XPPro SP2 as well.

I had exactly the same error message, but it was displayed when I was doing something in the programme. (I was using the grapher window to compare some data.) However, I think what I was doing at the time may have been a coincidence and that the failure was related to some ICC version 4.1 profiles in my system/color folder here: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color.

I have reported my error message to Chromix at [bugfix - at -]

If you have used Profile Medic to “repair” an ICC Version 4 profile file’s “internal name” you might find a VERY troublesome “Temp” file in the profiles directory, here: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color. Filename was “Temp 3284.365” but the numbers vary each time.

You might try removing files with “Temp *.” in their name from C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color.

Note that there was no error in my V4.1 profiles, they just give ColorThink a problem (for now).



Thank you for your hints. I found that temp*** profile in the color directory and I deleted this profile. CTPro up and running again.

I beleived that you’re correct, I’m trying the coloreyes display to make my monitor profile and there have choice for version 4 ICC profile. After that, the CTPro shows the runtime error message.

I’m also wondering if version 2 and 4 ICC profile can be mixed or not. Is this a bug for the CTPro?


yes, thanks Simon for the hint about the root of that problem. I’m looking into it’s source…

in the meantime, there should be no problems that I am aware of with ColorThink Pro and v4 profiles. If you find you are having them, please report them to us and we’ll look into it.



I think that the issue is probably confined to the internal name / “temp” file as Steve said. In all other respects the V4.1 files seem to be OK.