Samsung 305T calibration tips needed...

I recently purchased the 305T and then discovered that it lacks an OSD to adjust contrast and color temperature. (OOPS!)

I’m driving it using an nVidia 8500GT card.

Anyhow… Can anyone give me some tips on how I can go about calibrating this value-line monitor using the nVidia driver control panel and Monaco profiler?

I tried using ProfileMaker Pro - but, the LOGO monitor calibration utility doesn’t seem to agree with the video card.

Thanks for your help!

Hey Christopher…

I really don’t know how this email got to me…I had signed up for Colorforums because I had questions on trying to figure out how to calibrate my dual monitor setup…

I have found out that you can run yourself crazy trying to find someone/anyone that has any real to the point answers… I found a site that answered a lot of “My” questions for “My” situation…and I remember seeing what seemed like some info about the situation you have…

I hope this will help you…Good luck

J. Michael " I’m just as confused as you are " Gill

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Hi Christopher,

You are running into the same problem others are who have a screen with brightness control, but when they turn it down to 0, it’s still too bright. Essentially they are looking for a way to adjust the color (or brightness) further, without using on-board monitor controls.

We have a good thread on this whole topic here:

I don’t believe the Monaco profiler will adjust the video card for brightness. It is based on the same architecture as the Monaco Optix, and it won’t do that. It’s a shame that ProfileMaker doesn’t work with your video card, since it can do what you are looking for.

Thanks, Patrick, for taking time to post your reply.

Actually, I did puchase an ideal solution to my problem:

basICColor’s Display 4.1.8 - $70.

It was either basICColor’s Display 4, or ColorVision’s Spyder3 Elite.

Since I already own the Eye-One, I chose the best bang for my buck!

Based on the ColorVision documentation I read, both products would probably deliver very similar results.

Bottom line - it’s the best $70 I’ve spent on color management in awhile!