Saving color worksheet

Is there a way to store a complete Color Worksheet? Sometimes you’ve some interesting simulation in a worksheet, that you want to save, for instance to work again on it the next day. I can’t find the option. Did I miss something?


There is no option for storing or saving a Worksheet in the current version of ColorThink Pro. (I think as it was originally designed as an analysis tool, rather than a workflow tool, it was expected that every use of the tools would just be a one-off sort of thing. Nowadays people use the Worksheet and the Grapher for a lot more.) This is a great idea, and we already have it on the slate for development of the next version of ColorThink. We have already begun work on saving states in the Grapher for example.

For now, I can point you to the feature that enables you to open specific files automatically every time you launch ColorThink. Not quite the same at all, but that might come in handy for some uses:
CTP Tips and Tricks - automatic opening