Saving Curve2 files in Curve3

Here’s a question we sometimes get concerning session files:

Why, when I open an older .sess2 file (a saved session from Curve2), does it not retain its name, but is titled as an “untitled session”?

Curve3 is backward compatible in that it does allow Curve2 documents to be opened. However it will intentionally open a Curve2 session as an untitled Curve3 session - forcing the user to choose a new name, and saving the session as a Curve3 document.

Any time any files come into Curve3, they become by nature part of the Curve3 session. Re-titling the document is done to ensure that no one would accidentally over-write an existing Curve2 document as a Curve3 file (hit a shortcut key to Save for example) - thus making it impossible to open in Curve2.