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I heard on one of the other sections that you do scanner profiling but don’t really advertise the fact.

May I ask what software you use to make the profiles? I assume you tried many different ones and is there a reason you use that one over the others?


Oh, good! A new topic in the ColorValet forums. We could use a
little more interest in here.

Yes, we do scanner profiling. We are not trying to hide it by any
means, but with the time and effort involved in documenting
procedures for all the scanners out there, and advertising the
service - it was deemed not worth the effort considering that a good
part of the industry is moving away from scanners. We do have a
fully-functional workflow that can handle scan profiles as well as
press profiles, transmissive profiles and of course print profiles.
And I appreciate you asking since I can take this opportunity to brag
on one of my main departments! :slight_smile:

By default, we use GretagMacbeth software for scan profiles. We do
have access to other packages as well if you have a preference. GMB
does a decent job of bringing a scanner in line without having some
of the drawbacks of other systems. Scan profiles are a bit tricky,
since ideally the building of the profile will involve some
extrapolation of color handling that goes beyond the target gamut.
( You don’t want your scanner gamut to be limited to the colors on
that one target do you? Scanners can scan anything. How would you
get the florescent green highlighter that your kid’s teacher used to
highlight that “A” on Johnny’s report card to be color-accurate when
you scan it to preserve for all eternity?)

This might explain why you see different results from different
profiling software packages - something you were asking about in
another post. Some systems we’ve seen create scanner profiles
bounded by the color gamut of the target. This also explains why the
volume of a scanner profile (GretagMacbeth) can be bigger than the
target that you used to create it - as well as bigger than the
profile of the printer you used to print the target. (Are you lost

Anyway, give us a try. Our scan profiles are covered by the same
guarantee that is featured on all ColorValet services. If you don’t
like it, you don’t pay for it.

Cost = $75.00 per profile (scan)
$50.00 per profile (scan) if you have bought the scanner target from us.

Contact Rick Hatmaker at 206-985-9844 or 866-247-6649 ext. 7 for
more information.

Pat Herold
206.985-6837 ext #6