Scanner to monitor to printer

I am looking for a software /colorimeter package to calibrate from my epson 1200u scanner to a dell monitor to my epson R2400 printer. EZcolor by Monaco with its Optix colorimeter seems appropriate, but I cannot find a source. I do mostly digital photography and some conversion forom old prints through Photoshop. Is there a more current similar system. Thanks :question:

The only all-in-one system I could safely recommend would be the i1Xtreme. It does everything you could want and has the kind of quality that produces good results dependably.

The EZ Color system will make a good scanner profile and monitor profile, but a scanner-based printer profile frequently does not have the accuracy and precision that photographers are looking for. (The printer profile is limited to the gamut of the scanner for one thing.)

Scanners and printers are fairly stable, so if you are looking to go an inexpensive route you might just get a good colorimeter for the display and have custom scanner and printer profiles made for you. Or, you could get a combination of the two, like a ColorMunki & a custom scan profile.