single work station printer profile building

I work with a company that is starting to delve a little bit more into color managment. We have over a dozen designers working on different computures, using many different printers and profiles. I was wondering if I could effectively do all of the profile building/editing from one work station, or if it would really be necesarry to be building/editing printer profiles from different workstations because of display profiles, or lighting conditions.
Sorry it is a simple question, but that makes it that much easier to answere right? :blush:

Thanks for your help


Printer and scanner profiles you can certainly do from a single machine. Profile building for displays has to happen on each display of course.

I get all my profiles done through ebay, … dZViewItem
Rips 10 per profile, and scanners, you will need to ask them, I had to pay a deposit on the it8 target, got it back when I sent the target back.