Small monitor for soft proofing

I imagine you usually get questions asking for larger monitors, not smaller ones, but here goes!

Our product is small. Very small, only about 5" across and it does not vary, nor do we “gang” jobs. So a 23" monitor for soft-proofing is just silly.

I would love to find a 17 or 19 inch monitor (4:3 ratio would be preferable) for soft proofing purposes in a manufacturing environment.

Any suggestions?

Thats a tough one these days… almost all monitor manufacturers have moved to larger screens because of market demand for larger. However, Eizo still carries models down to 15", 17" and 19". The problems is that these are mostly TN or VA panels. They do have some 15" touch IPS screens though at higher prices.

Check out their FlexScan S series:

Thanks for the feedback, Rick. Our concerns are mostly space related so perhaps a larger monitor in portrait orientation would be a better choice in order to enjoy the built-in calibration features of some monitors.