So far, not so good!

First, there was no inventory or explanation of the hardware in the ColorEyes Display box. I did recognize device and software, and I did install the software and try out the DTP-24. My hand became very tired after holding it against the monitor, though. Is there some way to secure it temporarily, or should I just tape it on with duct tape?
Next, though I managed to calibrate the sensor, I have not been able to finish calibrating the display successfully. My monitor is a ViewSonic PS775 and has a brilliant, like-new screen. However, every time I try to calibrate it, it seems to end up turning a sickly yellow. So I undo it. Also I have no idea how to turn the red/yellow/blue colors to their highest setting. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Finally, my prints from the Fuji S2 print out too light. And I have no idea how I’m going to get ColorEyes Display to solve the problem. So far all I have to show for it is frustration and a flattened billfold. Any help or ideas will be greately appreciated.

What are you selecting for your white point? 5000K? (D50), 6500K? If your monitor previously had a white point of 9500 or higher (VERY blue), anything lower will look “yellow” to your eyes. This shift in white point can take some getting used to!

It might. You should look at the instruction manual that came with your monitor. You might be able to navigate through the monitor’s menus and find individual Red, GREEN, Blue settings. (You won’t find a setting for yellow)

Thank you Brian!
Finally I found the red/green/blue hidden in the “user” menu. That was about as hidden as ViewSonic could have made it.
And you’re right, the white point is set at 9500. I must accept the change to the yellowishness of a lower setting, 6500K.
Jack of ColorEyes Display has been coaching me, and I now understand the purpose of the other items in the kit – to hold the instrument in place.
Jack included the settings for the calibration in an e-mail yesterday. I was about to try the process again, but a client wanted something, so I couldn’t get involved in anything that would tie up my system for that day. Today, I intend to find the time! Thank you! I’ll keep all of you posted.

The change from 9500K to 6500K is drastic, to say the least! One thing that will help you become aclimated to this appearance is to change all of the computers you use to that white point. (but not necessarily calibrate them)

Also, ensuring that the lighting is generaly neutral will help. A 6500K monitor looks much less “yellow” in standard lighting than under the rather warm glow of incandescent or cheap fluorescents.

I thought I would let you figure out the hanger for the instrument… I knew you would figure it out eventualy! My DTP-92 has a suction cup, but I can’t use it for LCD’s.