Soft-proofing in photoshop 7 ?

Hi All,

How to have a soft-proofing in photoshop 7 ?

After open an image, you need assign your working space (Image>Mode>Assign Profile), then you need convert it to your printer profile (Image>Mode>Convert to Profile). If you have more than one profile to convert, you need to repeat above steps.
Pls make sure that you make every step correctly, otherwise, you didnt know where is go wrong and easy get lost after several conversation.

For soft-proofing, I use Qualux SoftProofer to preview my image. It is very flexible. It allows me to convert color under a series of ICC profile. I could preview my setting immediately. After getting what I need, i will follow its steps by Photoshop to print my image.

This link may help:

it is free !