Software to Profile Display (for testing, not calibration)

I test a lot of products as part of an online community I run for 3d artists and have started to review displays. I’m pretty well versed with color management, but was looking to see if anyone knew of a software which can be used to measure/profile a display in it’s current state. I don’t want to profile a display after software calibrates it, I want to measure it’s performance before calibration. Specifically I’m interested in measuring out of the box performance (gamut, white point, black point etc.) For example, if I put a display into it’s sRGB mode how close is it really and how accurate is a display before any calibration out of the box.

I have an i1Pro & ColorMunki with Eye One Match, the New i1Profiler (which so far I can not get to work…support ticket pending), ColorThink, and SpectraView, but none have any features to do an automated measurement tool to do this. I can make individual spot measurements with many of these tool, but nothing automated. Does anyone know of a software which can do this? Or perhaps a tool to take spot measurements to build a profile which could be compared (Delta E) to another. I found a free app called Colorimetre HCFR, but I don’t know how accurate it is and has very little documentation.


And for what’s it’s worth, what I have seen of i1Publish thus far from a reporting standpoint is really disappointing. After a calibration it provides very little validation information. Eye One Match did a better job!

Hi Jeff,
With most of these tools you can create a profile without changing anything on the buttons on the screen. So my impression is that you can make a profile of a monitor in its native state if you go through the profiling procedure, but skip the portions that ask you to lower the luminance or change the RGB values. Let me know if I am not understanding you completely.

BabelColor PatchTool 3.x is the perfect application/tool for your exact requirements and many more also. I’ve been using it since version 2 and as they’ve only just recently released an update which supports the new i1d3, I might now finally update to the newest version 3.

But even in version 2, the reporting, testing, comparing, ability to use profile, no profile, monitor direct RGB, etc. is just SO very useful for a huge number of various possible testing scenarios.

I’m extremely happy with it and it’s certainly a very useful tool to have alongside ColorThink Pro and other similar apps of this nature.