Solvent Print Heat Transfer Films

I am having issues printing a clear film formulated for Solvent (digital) inks. This is a difficult media to print, however we have done it successfully in the past. When attempting to linearize and profile for a new printer, the surface of the print is highly inconsistent, regardless of ink load and ink color. It looks like mottling, it is not pooling (stopped pooling after reducing the ink load.)

Has anyone had similar issues? Any ideas on how to get around this, aside from getting the ICC profile from the mfr? I will post the response from the film mfr (if they answer my emails…).

At 11:28 AM -0700 8/12/09, Traci wrote:

I think I know what you are talking about. The mottling is typically due to improper absorption / adhesion of the ink to the medium.

This tends to be a chemical problem… or at least that’s where the ‘best’ solution lies.

Otherwise experimenting with linearization curve shape and total ink limits (per channel and total) may help you get away from those parts of the color space that create inking which won’t be absorbed well.



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