Spectra processing + Bradford transform

first let me say that I am new to the ColorThinkPro. I like the visualization and image analysis. Where I feel lost is the Worksheets, even with the SmartGuides. Task I am trying to achieve (for 2 days now :frowning: ) is to evaluate an LCD monitor calibration using color patches displayed versus measured by EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer. Here is my workflow:

  1. I generated set of patches in RGB to test my LCD display. Corresponding text file has one line of RGB values for each patch.
  2. I drop this text file into the Worksheet and add my monitor profile to it to calculate Lab* values. This work just fine.
  3. Next step is getting spectral data in. I measured all those patches from the display using ProfileMaker 5 and EyeOne Pro, saved the LOGO file and checked its structure as described at colorwiki.
  4. I also have a spectral file of my LCD “white” (averaged white patches) to scale properly XYZ values in order to arive at L*max = 100
  5. Now the problem - I drop this spectra file into the same Worksheet and patches are displayed indicating correct file format. Good. As expected, the colors are off as there is no way to tell what the reference white is. How do I relate my white patch to the rest of the measured color patches?

In XYZ system, I would just multiply all the measured XYZ data by a normalizing constant, use chromatic adaptation from my monitor white (6,000K) to D50 and convert the results to Lab*. Then I could compare Lab* data for diplayed patches against the measured values and calculate delta E.
Is there any way in the ColorThink to perform Bradford transform to D50? In other words, I need to take my diplayed patches, correct them fro measured white and transpose them from D60 to D50. The closest thing that I came to is the option AdaptWhite which is disabled!! Any workaround? I just feel that there must be a way in ColorThink to get emission data into proper Lab* values for a given white point.

Thanks for help,