Spectro LFP? Transmissive?

Is it possible to use a Barbieri Spectro LFP with Curve2, particularly in transmissive/backlit mode?

I don’t see why not! The last time I looked, the Barbieri software can output measurements in a variety of different .txt formats, including spectral and Lab. I believe it accepts ProfileMaker target information, so you should be able to create the target definition easily that way. I haven’t got my hands on a Barbieri in a while so I can’t speak for certain. If you have one, send me some measurement files (measure an P2P target or an IT8) and I’ll see if they import into Curve2 okay.

The transmissive mode is an interesting twist. I’m not if you would be able to hit GRACoL, but the neutrals should benefit from Curve2 very well.