Stocastic screening

How does Curve 2 work with Stocastic screening.

Hi Wayne,

Here are some comments on stochastic screening from Don Hutcheson:

[i]I and many other G7 Experts have successfully used G7 on dozens of offset presses.  In fact G7 works excellently with all types of screening.  The main things you need to be careful of are;

1.	Fine-dot (e.g. 10 micron) stochastic tends to be less stable on an offset press than a.m. screening, in spite of some manufacturer claims.
2.	Printing two runs the same can be a challenge if you don't have a press in good condition and/or are not experienced in printing stochastic.
3.	Stochastic offset printing typically delivers a wider color gamut, especially in pastel tones, so a G7-calibrated G7 press is likely to need a custom press profile in order to match GRACoL.

The first time I used G7 with stochastic was in 2005 after one of the GRACoL test runs in NJ.  The results were amazingly good but we needed some pretty strange curves.  Afterwords they told me (with a sheepish grin) that it was only stochastic on the yellow plate.  CMK were 200 line a.m.  Talk about hybrid!
- Don[/i]

So, Curve2 has no problem working with stochastic screening.  The same issues you would have printing with stochastic screening would still be present, and you would continue to take account of this with your RIP and press maintenance.  -Pat