Storage of Color Calibration Devices

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I’ve searched for answers on this area, but couldn’t find any on this, so thought it would be good to ask the gurus here.

I know that the filters on colorimeters can degrade over time, so am wondering if there are any recommended arrangement for storing color calibration devices (i.e. colorimeters, spectrometers).

It’s rather humid in the part of the world I live in, so am contemplating to keep my i1Display 2 in the dehumidifier. Was wondering if that has any averse effects on the device itself.

All devices will degrade with time. Add environmental variables and this will increase the degradation rate.

The Eye-One Display 2 under ideal circumstances should last about 4-5 years. Even though the i1d2’s internal components are encased, it’s not a perfectvacuumseal. Oxygen, pollution, gases, chemicals, heat, and moisturecan degrade the filters and internal components faster (of course).

It is advised (for longevity and stability) to store measurement devices in a stable environment away from the variables that affect it negatively (or at least minimize these).

You can store the i1d2 in an area with adehumidifierwith positive benefits and no downsides that I know of.

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