SWOP TR001 Measurment Data

I’ve been scrounging around the Internet looking for the TR001 data set used in the SWOP spec. First of all, is this openly available? If so, where should I look for it? I figure it would be good to have around for doing comparisons and such (like in ColorLab or PM Measure Tool).

Is this included with the SWOP Calibaration Kit perhaps?

I downloaded a profile from EFI named Best_SWOP_ref_0802.icc. All indications would be that this profile was created from TR001. In fact, this profile was created with PM and has a ‘CIED’ tag that includes the measurement data. This may be exactly what I’m looking for but I’m not positive. If I extract the measurement data and then open it in ColorLab, patch B13 (which should be media white) reads L87.97 a1.29 b*8.20 or, converted to XYZ, 0.700931, 0.720653, 0.516777.

If I open the profile in ICC Profile Inspector, the ‘wtpt’ tag contains 0.72119, 0.74162, 0.53233.

So, the measurement data and the profile itself do not match in the case of the white point.

Also, I read somewhere in a post from Chris Murphy that the SWOP white point is 89L*, 0a*, 1b*.

So, is it safe to assume that this measurement data that I have is equivalent to the TR001 data set? Why would the data white point be different from the wtpt tag? What is the correct white point for a TR001 SWOP profile anyway?

I’m a bit confused on the matter.

Chris M

I don’t think the data in the EFI profile is actually TR001. My copy of the TR001 data gives a white point of L*=88.80, a*=-0.18, b*=3.70.

The white point of USWebCoatedSWOP.icc is given as
X=.7089, Y=.7359, Z=.5710 which converts to L*=88.72, b*=-.248, a*=3.669…essentially the same as above.

TR001 is available through NPES for $20-30.